Open Microsoft Excel in Two Separate Windows

If you try to open a new spreadsheet from the file menu in excel, it just overlaps your current view.  The side by side view is not much help either, even with two displays.  To open up a completely separate Microsoft Excel Window, simply have one excel sheet open, then go to the Start Menu and open up Microsoft Excel again.  This will run another completely independent instance of the program.


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  • just A

    it didn’t work on excel 2010 🙁 i wonder why ?

  • Al

    THANK YOU. this has plagued me for too long whilst trying to do physical chemistry lab analysis’.

  • MJ


  • Trondarne

    When I keep two files open side by side (Excel 2007) it works fine. But some “genius” have invented that when I move around in one sheet the other moves as well (like a child it can’t keep from moving;-) so I loose track of where I was in that one …

    Can this be disabled ?

  • Suku

    Thanks a lot. It really saves time.

  • hoang

    how do you change the setting to make the excel open in other window in excel 2007

  • James

    Thanks Adam, you’re a genius. I’ve been wondering for ages how to get MS Excel to open up in separate instances particularly when you open up spreadsheets from within folders. They would always open up within the same instance rather than opening up in several instances which is ideal when comparing more than one spreadsheet. Your simple instructions regarding MS Excel settings did just the trick. Cheers

  • Javier

    NO, guys. This is not helpful. It does not work with linked excel files.
    If you have two spread sheets linked one to another, what you do on the worksheet on the excel aplication 1 is not recognized by the worksheet on excel aplication 2 until you save them and update links… this is not functional.
    This solution is bananas.

  • adam

    An even easier way is to go to, in excel’s menu bar, go to tools, then select options. On the \general\ tab, make sure the \ignore other applications\ box is checked. This will make sure each time you open an excel file, it opens an entirely separate instance of the program.

  • Antwon

    You have saved me countless hours of work swapping from one page to another THANKYOU

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