Matt Silverman Random tidbits. Tue, 12 Nov 2013 03:21:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Search Gmail for Large Attachments Tue, 12 Nov 2013 03:12:12 +0000 Gmail now has an even simpler way to search for large attachments.  Enter the following text into the Gmail search bar:

To find emails with > 20MB in attachments:


To find emails with > 10MB in attachments:


If you have Gmail shortcuts enabled, select the emails you don’t need and hit SHIFT-3 to send them to the trash.

Drive storage 2013-11-11 21-58-30

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Examples of Awesome API Documentation Thu, 07 Nov 2013 04:16:46 +0000 In the process of building an API?  Looking to get started on your first API integration project?  This is a list of some of my favorite API documentation sites.


Maintains one of the best examples of how to have a very complex system under the hood, while keeping a cool and organized API outline.  Oh, and the dev console is plain cool.

PubNub JavaScript SDK | JavaScript SDK 2013-11-06 22-39-07

Console 2013-11-06 22-40-53


Example JSON requests on each method page makes it easy for a developer to see the exact format their application should be communicating with the API.



Simple and logical method names like cards, customers, and coupons allow Stripe to build a dead-simple structure to house a robust API.


Extremely well-organized, color coded, and built-in real test examples on each resource page.

Context.IO | The missing email API to leverage email data 2013-11-06 22-56-08


Less is more.  Searchify keeps their documentation lean, and makes it very easy to understand.



Inviting documentation that is easy on the eyes.  Fonts and other text emphasis makes it easy to hop around the documentation and find what you are looking for.


Have an example to add to the list?  Leave it in the comments.

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Using a PC Keyboard with OSX (Command Key Switch-er-oo) Sun, 16 Jun 2013 19:53:55 +0000 I recently started using a Macbook Air as my full time computer, so I needed to hook up a keyboard and mouse to it. Automatically, OSX assigns the “Windows” key on the keyboard to be the “Command” key in OSX, which will drive you insane.

After doing a lot of digging, I realized there is a very easy solution to this built right into the Keyboard settings section in OSX System Preferences.


1.  Go to System Preferences > Keyboard


2.  Hit the “Modifier Keys” button


3.  Select your USB keyboard from the drop-down menu (there should be two keyboards listed), make sure to not change the built-in keyboard settings.

4.  I found that turning my keyboard’s CTRL key to the Command key made it intuitive for me to CTRL-C and CTRL-V and perform the other command options.

5.  Since you do need to sometimes access the CTRL key in OSX, I made the function of the “Windows Key” (Command Key) on the external keyboard map to the CTRL key in OSX.

For reference, this is the “Windows” key on a PC keyboard:


Hope this helps!

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6 Reasons Apple should buy Nintendo Tue, 19 Feb 2013 00:13:44 +0000  

  • Nintendo’s stock (PINK:NTDOY) is at a 10-year low, with a market cap now at only $13B (less than 10% of Apple’s available cash)
  • USD is at a 2-year high as compared to the Japanese Yen.
  • Nintendo lacks product innovation, but creates great games and characters.  Apple has no track record with successful games, but 300M+ people use Apple devices.
  • AppleTV has no game functionality built-in, and the graphical simplicity of Nintendo games would likely allow them to run on existing AppleTV hardware.  Wii Sports and other family games would be a perfect fit for the AppleTV.
  • Nintendo designs great controllers, and Apple knows that gaming on touch screens will always have limitation.  Imagine using a WiiMote with your Apple TV or iPhone?
  • Apple’s ability to exclusively sell Nintendo games to the ~300M+ active iOS devices would have huge potential, especially if Apple was absorbing 100% of the app sales instead of their usual 30%  royalty on game sales.

Disclosure: This should not be construed as financial advice in any way, shape or form.  I currently own a position in AAPL.

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Tools to generate beautiful web API documentation Fri, 15 Feb 2013 17:14:34 +0000 Edit 6/16/2013: It’s been a few months, and we finally ended up going with the Swagger-based documentation built into  Want to see how it looks?  Head over to

— Begin original post —

As demand for our Nutritionix API is starting to grow rapidly, we have been working on finding an API documentation engine to meet our needs for the long-term.  I was not able to find any comprehensive list of existing API documentation solutions, so I am compiling what I have found so far. Please leave feedback on your own experience in the comments.

Web API Documentation Tools

We are still exploring each solution, but I will update this post as we learn more about each option.

  • Swagger - A specification and complete framework implementation for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services. [Demo]
    • Note: We already use for our API management solution, and they have an ActiveDocs feature based on Swagger.
  • I/O Docs - By defining APIs at the resource, method and parameter levels in a JSON schema, I/O Docs will generate a JavaScript client interface [Demo].  I/O docs was created by the API management platform Mashery.
  • - Provides very quick way to get your documentation up and running, includes GitHub integration and I/O validation. – Suggested by Siyfion via Reddit.
  • Docco - Docco is a quick-and-dirty, hundred-line-long, literate-programming-style documentation generator. It produces HTML that displays your comments alongside your code.
  • Dexy - Flexible documentation tool that supports any language, for any API.
  • Doxygen - Generate an on-line documentation browser (in HTML) and/or an off-line reference manual, and you can configure doxygen to extract the code structure from undocumented source files.  Seems more technical than the other options, but a powerful option nonetheless.  Suggested by gkumar007 via Reddit.
  • TurnAPI – Paid service.  Intelligent WIKI-editor, markdown based standards, documentation branching, sync with Git, SVN, Mercurial, clean looking themes. [Features]
    • Note: As of writing I was unable to create an account at TurnAPI.

Edit 6/16/2013: It’s been a few months, and we finally ended up going with the Swagger-based documentation built into  Want to see how it looks?  Head over to

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Best Bus from DC to NYC – Vamoose Gold Bus Wed, 13 Feb 2013 02:40:09 +0000  

Key advantages of the Vamoose Gold Bus

  • Very efficient iPad check-in system before boarding bus
  • Water bottle at every seat
  • Wood floors
  • Classy bus driver
  • Working wifi
  • Electrical outlets at every seat
  • One column of single seats, one column of double seats
  • Tray table at each seat
  • Smooth ride

Check it out:

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Using International iMessage to avoid SMS Charges Fri, 08 Feb 2013 01:30:32 +0000

iMessage uses data instead of SMS, and therefore works internationally to send free text messages (as long as you have an international data plan).

However, you must TURN OFF “Send As SMS” when you are traveling internationally, otherwise your phone may send an SMS message (green message) using international SMS rates.

Go to Settings >Messages to turn off “SEND As SMS”

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Download Google Chrome Without a Web Browser using Windows Command Line Thu, 07 Feb 2013 23:57:46 +0000 Due to the popularity of my old post on how to download firefox without a web browser, I decided to figure out a way to do the same thing with Chrome.  Chrome doesn’t seem easily accessible on FTP, so this method allows you to still download Chrome from a safe web source, via the HTTP link that Google provides.

1.  Open NotePad and paste the below VBScript code into it.

Note: The strFileURL variable is currently set to the URL that Chrome is at as of today.  That might change later.  Find latest Chrome EXE by going here. Click accept and install, then right-click copy the URL titled “Click here to retry.”

' This is the URL of the chrome EXE.
' This is where the file will download to.
strHDLocation = "c:\ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe"
' Fetch the file
Set objXMLHTTP = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP") "GET", strFileURL, false
If objXMLHTTP.Status = 200 Then
Set objADOStream = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")
objADOStream.Type = 1 'adTypeBinary
objADOStream.Write objXMLHTTP.ResponseBody
objADOStream.Position = 0 'Set the stream position to the start
Set objFSO = Createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If objFSO.Fileexists(strHDLocation) Then objFSO.DeleteFile
Set objFSO = Nothing
objADOStream.SaveToFile strHDLocation
Set objADOStream = Nothing
End if
Set objXMLHTTP = Nothing

2. Save your notepad file to your desktop, and use quotes in the filename to overwrite saving as a .txt file:

3. Go to your Windows command prompt (Start > CMD)
4. Navigate to your desktop in the command prompt (cd desktop)
5. Run the command: cscript.exe downloadfile.vbs

6. Open Windows explorer, and right on your C drive you should see the chrome installer at c:\ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe

Attribution: This vbscript was adopted by Gareth’s method on

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How to Remove pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys from Windows 7 Wed, 09 Jan 2013 17:18:33 +0000 Notice that pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys take up 7GB total!

To delete these files safely in Windows 7, you must disable “Hibernate Support” in your power options in the control panel.

1.  Go to Start > Search, type in “powercfg.cpl” go to advanced power options, find the “Sleep” section and make sure sleep is set to “never”

2.  We also need to make sure virtual memory is not enabled.   (coming soon)

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9 Tips to Legitimize Your Small Business Fri, 16 Nov 2012 23:10:24 +0000 Please note: These steps will get you in the right direction to setting up a scalable business, but you should consult with a reputable accountant and attorney before making any business decisions.  This information should not be considered legal advice.

From the last few years of experience, below are my favorite vendors to use when launching a new business.  These methods are all very cost effective, yet still scalable for when your business hopefully takes off.  Good luck!

1. Get a Logo Designed – 99 Designs (~$400)

Vendor: 99Designs

  • Post a logo project and give as much direction as possible to the prospective designers
  • BE ACTIVE give feedback as often as possible on designer submissions, active projects get much more designer competition
  • Don’t be afraid to give strong criticism to designers, and make sure to submit a rating for every design.

2. Register Your Domain and Hosting – Namecheap (~$6/mo)

Vendor: NameCheap

  • Strongly .COM and not .ly, .net, etc
  • Choose as short of a domain as possible
  • Add Namecheap’s WhoisGuard to protect your domain registration info from spammers.  It’s only $3 per year.
  • If you simply need an informational website, simply sign up for Namecheap’s $4/mo shared hosting plan.  If you have a database intensive website, you should seek consultation for a more powerful server solution.

3. Set up your business e-mail – Google Apps (free)

Vendor: Google

4. Incorporate and Trademark your company – Trademarkia (~$700)

Vendor: Trademarkia

  • You should consider trademarking both your company name, and separately trademarking your company logo, icon, or other marks.  Please seek legal advice on this.
  • Seek legal/accounting advice on whether an LLC, C Corp, S Corp, or other type of incorporation method will be right for you.
  • Seek legal advice on what state you should incorporate in.  Keep in mind that if you choose a state that you do not have active mailing address in, you will have to pay an annual fay for a registered agent service.
  • Make sure to save and backup a PDF copy of your articles of incorporation, and any other formal documents.

5. Register your EIN (free)

Vendor: IRS

  • Make sure to use your business address, or a permanent address when getting your EIN.  Most banks will require that your mailing address matches the address on your EIN document.
  • Make sure to save an electronic copy (backed up!) of your official EIN document.  You will need this to open a bank account.

6. Get a Business Bank Account (free)

Vendor: Bank of America

  • You can waive your monthly fee by using your business checking debit card once per month (Set it up as the payment method for your web hosting)
  • Use the Bank of America iPhone app to deposit checks from your phone

7. Get a Website Design Template ($~50)

Vendor: Themeforest

No need to pay thousands of dollars for a custom website design if you are just starting out.  Use a theme database like ThemeForest and get an awesome WordPress design template for less then $50.

  • Make sure you choose a WordPress template.
  • Choose something simple.  Complex themes have a lot of content sections you will not use, and you will have to pay your freelance developer to remove or hide those unwanted sections
  • Before buying a template, read the comments on the template and see if the author is responsive to questions.  This can come in handy later if you make a request for improvements.

8. Find a Freelancer to Launch your Website (~$400-$1000)

Vendor: Odesk

  • Post a project on Odesk asking for a PHP programmer with WordPress experience
  • Pay rates ranging from $10-$15 per hour are reasonable for a WordPress freelancer
  • In the project posting, specifically ask developer to send a link to the best wordpress site they have developed (and to only ONE site, not a massive list).  Most developers won’t read your special request, so you can quickly hide their applications.
  • Install WordPress on your Namecheap hosting account.  Instructions here.
  • Send the developer your ThemeForest template files.
  • Create a google doc with tasks, and share it with your developer
  • When giving feedback to any developer, use a screenshot tool to effectively communicate changes you request.

9. Bookkeeping, Expense Tracking, and Invoicing (free to start)

Vendor: Freshbooks

  • Get started with a basic account for free
  • When tracking expenses, use the spreadsheet import function to save time
  • Accept credit card payments for invoices.  Well worth the ~3% fees to save hours of time processing paper checks


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Become a Gmail Power User 10 Minutes Mon, 12 Nov 2012 16:29:25 +0000 1.  Learn The 5 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Locate the Gmail “Settings” section at the Top Right

Enable keyboard shortcuts in the Gmail Settings section

  • Tab+Enter – Send e-mail.
  • C” - Compose
  • E” – Archive message
  • “#” – Delete message (Shift+3)
  • SHIFT‘- Open email in a new window when combined with any other action.  (Shift+C will open a new compose message in a new window)
  • “?” Access the shortcuts cheat sheet (Shift + / )

2.  Explore Gmail Labs Features

Visit Settings > Labs to view the optional labs settings

Recommended Labs Features to Turn On:

  • Background Send – Helps avoid the 1-2 second delay each time you send an e-mail.
  • Undo-send – Gives you an extra 5 seconds to recall an e-mail if you hit send too quickly.
  • Signature Tweaks – Places your e-mail signature directly after your reply message, and removes the pesky “–” symbols.

3.  Understand the “Archive” Function

The “archive” button

  • In Gmail, you generally always “archive” instead of “delete”
  • When you “archive” something, you are simply removing it from the inbox.
  • You can always view your archived mail by either using the “search” or clicking “All Mail” on the left navigation

4.  Gmail Search is Crucial – Learn The 10 second rule

Why is Gmail better than Outlook, even on day one?  The search function is incredibly powerful, and saves time.

10 Second Rule: If you can’t find an e-mail after 10 seconds of browsing, search for it.

Search is not the slow, useless process you became accustomed to in Outlook.  In Gmail search, simply recall one unique keyword that might have been mentioned in an e-mail, and you instantly filter the number of e-mails you have to sift through to find your result.

Learn a few of the helpful shorthand codes you can enter in the search box to save time and narrow your results



  • from:
    • Narrow search to e-mails send from a specific e-mail address
  • to:
    • Narrow search to e-mails that has a specific e-mail address in the “TO” box
  • has:attachment
    • Includes only e-mails with an attachment
  • is:starred
    • Includes only starred e-mails (useful if you have certain emails you reference often)
  • in:sent
    • Equivalent of searching your sent mail folder.

5.  Inbox Zero

If you are properly using the “Archive” functionality, your ultimate goal is to get your inbox down to as few e-mails as possible
Have any other essential Gmail tips?

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How to View All of Your Apple Products Tue, 06 Nov 2012 16:56:44 +0000
Your hidden apple support profile.

Apple makes it extremely difficult to find this page, and after spending almost 10 minutes trying to locate it again, I decided to create this post as a reference.

Reasons to Bookmark your Apple Support Profile

  • Easily submit an AppleCare request
  • Keep track of your apple devices and serial numbers
  • Determine if your device is still under warranty

Bookmark this link:

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Beginner’s Guide to iOS Passbook Tue, 06 Nov 2012 01:43:07 +0000

Start using iOS Passbook in 5 Easy Steps

With  the launch of iOS 6 came the much anticipated Passbook app.  Despite passbook being out for over a month now, most people have no idea how to use it, so I decided to put together a painfully easy tutorial.  Let’s get to it.

Reasons to use passbook

  • Thin out your wallet by carrying around less loyalty and gift cards
  • Leave your wallet in your pocket, and pay with your phone in just a few taps
  • Avoid printing things like concert tickets, boarding passes, train tickets, etc.

1.  Start with a Starbucks card

If you live anywhere near a Starbucks, I recommend you bite the bullet and experience Passbook as soon as possible.  The easiest way to get started is to purchase a gift card at your local Starbucks and ask the cashier to load it with $5.

2.  Download the Starbucks app

Visit the iOS app store and download the free Starbucks app.

3.  Link your card to the Starbucks App

3.1 Click the + Icon at the top Right of the Starbucks App

3.1 Type in the numbers from your physical Starbucks card

 4.  Add your Starbucks card to the Passbook App

Once your card is added to the Starbucks app, you will see a Reload and Manage button under the card.  Hit the “Manage” button.

4.1 After hitting “Manage” select the option that says “Add Card to Passbook

5.  Open the Passbook app

Go back to your home screen on the iPhone, and open the Passbook app.  You should see your Starbucks card appear.

Your Starbucks pass will look something like this.

Save Time and Earn Rewards

Earn your Starbucks gold status in no time, and don’t worry about fishing your plastic Starbucks card out of your wallet.  By simply flashing your Starbucks card against a barcode reader at the cashier station, you are able to instantly pay and earn your Starbucks rewards.
See some of my other posts regarding Passbook.

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Best Eggs Benedict in NYC Tue, 06 Nov 2012 00:59:18 +0000 The Best: Sausage Benedict at Five Points

Breakfast Sausage Benedict from Five Points

Breakfast sausage, poached egg, and shrimp hollandaise on top of a cheddar scone.  It seriously does not get much better than this.  Highly recommend Five Points for brunch.

Five Points
31 Great Jones Street
New York, NY 10012

Disappointing: Johnnycake Benedict at North End Grill

Johnnycake Benedict at North End Grill

Lamb Bacon, Poached Egg, and Chipotle Hollandaise.  This sounded much better than it was.  The johnnycake was too thick, and very dry.  The lamb bacon was was miniscule, and did not contribute to the dish.  The albeit delicious chipotle hollandaise could not not even pull the dish together.

North End Grill
104 North End, New York, NY 10282

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Best Eggs Benedict in Washington DC Tue, 06 Nov 2012 00:55:02 +0000 Chesapeake Benedict from Circa in Foggy Bottom

In the mood for Eggs Benedict for Brunch?  Circa delivered one of the best Eggs Benedict dishes I have ever had.  This post will be updated with some other contenders soon, so check back.

CIRCA at Foggy Bottom
2221 I St. NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20037

Also check out my post on the best eggs benedict in NYC.

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Amtrak Adds iOS Passbook Support Fri, 02 Nov 2012 17:21:13 +0000

Starting today, Amtrak released version 1.3 of the Amtrak iOS app, which now includes Passbook support.  Details of the update are shown below.

How to Add Your Amtrak Ticket to Passbook

1.  Install the Amtrak iOS app.

2.  Login to your Amtrak account on the app.

3.  Browse to view your e-ticket.  On the view e-ticket screen, hit the icon on the top-right and select “Add to Passbook.”  (see below)

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iOS Emergency Alert in NYC During Hurricane Sandy Wed, 31 Oct 2012 23:26:09 +0000 During Hurricane Sandy on Monday, October 29th starting at 8:30PM Eastern, mobile users all around NYC received a mysterious alert message:

Go indoors immediately and remain inside.  DO NOT DRIVE.  Call 9-1-1 for emergencies only.

These emergency alerts are a new feature of iOS 6, allowing government agencies to send out critical messages to the public.  The U.S. Government’s emergency alert system was launched in May 2012, and this was the first alert to be sent out in NYC since the system launched.

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Using Apple’s iOS Passbook in NYC Wed, 31 Oct 2012 22:49:22 +0000 There are only two places I have been able to use Passbook with so far: Duane Reade and Starbucks.

Duane Reade (Owned by Walgreens)

Earn rewards without having to carry around those pesky Duane Reade rewards cards. Download the Walgreens App to get started.


Earn rewards and pay your bill using the Starbucks passbook. Download the regular Starbucks app and link your Starbucks Card to it.


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iOS 6 Maps Confuses Brooklyn and Manhattan Fri, 21 Sep 2012 14:54:43 +0000 Want to get confused?  Try searching for a 5th avenue address on the new iOS 6 Maps app.  Unlike Google Maps, the new iOS 6 maps cannot make a distinction between Manhattan and Brooklyn for certain addresses.

333 5th ave in Google Maps (btwn 32nd and 33rd street in MANHATTAN)

333 5th Ave in iOS 6 Maps (between 3rd and 4th street in BROOKLYN)

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How to Restore the Recently Changed files shortcut in Windows 7 Tue, 26 Jul 2011 17:52:33 +0000 Looking to restore the shortcut in your explorer window that says “Recently Changed”? I was too. In a nutshell, you must save this code snippet, which creates the Recently Changed file search, and then drag that shortcut to your favorites bar. Here are the instructions:

1. Download the raw version of this code below.

2. Paste the file contents to NotePad

3. Save the file as “Recently” (keep the quotes so it makes that the correct file type)

4. Save the file to C:\Users\{YOUR NAME}\Searches

5. Drag the shortcut to your favorites bar (same place “Recent Places” appears)

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