Bacon Cups

October 15, 2008 // Food
This should be illegal.

Is this legal?

Just came across instructions on how to make bacon cups.  So many possibilities.

Teas’ Tea: Golden Oolong

October 14, 2008 // Food
Ito En Teas' Tea - Golden Oolong

Golden Oolong Tea 12-Pack

Description of Oolong Tea:

“The raw leaves are sun-wilted and then bruised, which exposes their juices to the air, so the leaves oxidise and start to turn brown like a cut fruit. They are allowed to oxidise only partially, giving them a rich, floral flavour. The tea is then dried fully; locking in the rich flavors that oolong tea is known to offer. Oolong’s unique drying process creates a tea that has many metabolic stimulating attributes.” [Source]

Tea has now replaced coffee and espresso in my diet.  My favorite variety happens to be the Golden Oolong made by Teas’ Tea.  I order it from Amazon via Amazon Prime, and it ends up being roughly $2.00 per bottle delivered.  Equal to the cost of a cup of coffee, half the cost of an espresso drink.

Reasons I like Golden Oolong:

  • Unsweetened
  • Smooth taste, not bitter
  • 1/3 the caffeine in coffee

Amazon ships boxes of Golden Oolong in packs of 12 bottles.  Shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime, and free if your order is $25 or over.  I’m not sure how long they can afford to keep shipping 15lb boxes of tea, but until they raise the price, I will keep ordering.

Pomodoro Ristorante Pizza NYC

October 13, 2008 // Web

Vodka Sauce Pizza (Left) Mahgerita Pizza (Right)

While I have not been to a lot of NYC pizza joints yet, I am still comfortable in saying that my current favorite by far is Pomodoro’s Ristorante at 51 Spring Street.  If you know of a better slice of pizza in Manhattan, I’d like to hear about it.

Introduction to Google Forms

October 7, 2008 // Web

More Google-related posts?  See how to become a Gmail Power User in 10 Minutes.

Google recently released a revolutionary gem into its increasingly robust Google Docs platform.  Meet Google Forms: a flexible form and survey development interface with built-in reporting.  Why is this significant?  Well to start, it means the days of SurveyMonkey are numbered.  While still in its infancy, Google Forms is the start of an incredibly versatile data collection framework. How long did SurveyMonkey really think people were going to pay monthly fees to store infinitesimal tidbits of survey response data?  Survey data is far from being difficult, nor costly, to store. How to create your first Google Form:

1.  Navigate your browser to and log-in 2.  Go to the menu labeled “New” at the left and select “Form”

Select "Form"

Select “Form”

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Not only are there no lines at Trader Joes at 9AM, but they apparently also sample the best stuff in the morning as well.  Today they were sampling a Cherry Peach Cobbler, which is made using the standard Trader Joes pancake mix.  It was delicious.

Trader Joe's Cherry Peach Cobbler

Trader Joe's Cherry Peach Cobbler

Trader Joe's Cherry Peach Cobbler Recipe

Trader Joe's Cherry Peach Cobbler Recipe